Capture everything happening on your desktop


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HyperCam 3 is a very useful tool for teachers and users that are used to elaborate help guides for certain applications.

Why is HyperCam useful for those users? Because it can capture as an AVI file what happens on your screen, so, if you have to show somebody what he has to do, it’s better to show him a video with all the movements than a simple picture.

HyperCam includes enough options to become an important program in your daily task, furthermore you can configure it to capture only certain parts of the screen, highlight an area, select resolution,...

In short, if you have to make training videos and help guides, install Hypercam 3 and you’ll see how your pupils will improve more and more.

It's easy to use, two or three clicks and you'll be recording AVI movies directly from your monitor.

15-day trial version. It includes a watermark.